Electric Skateboard

Yeah, electric skateboards, rad. I grew riding skateboards and always dreamed of the ability to have one that was self powered. Back in the day we did see some with gas motors but they were completely impractical.

Thanks to new technology and most importantly lithium batteries, the dream of a skateboard that is self-powered, quiet, controllable, and not much heavier or bigger than a regular skateboard, is now a reality!

How to Ride a Skateboard

How to Ride a Skateboard

Skateboarding is fun, especially when you are young or young at heart. Still, learning to ride one can be a daunting task and you may need all the help you can get. As you learn and practice, you will start developing skills that will benefit you on your skating journey. Taking one step at a

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How Long is a Skateboard

How Long is a Skateboard?

For most people, skateboard length matters and if you like, you can get a board to fit your size. In fact, there are different size boards selling on the market today and you can get one with a span that suits you best. However, just remember to take one that you can handle and you

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