Electric Skateboard Comparison

Are you interested to find more information about skating which electric skateboards? Well, you will probably not be surprised when you will find out what they are.

Electric skateboards are typically skateboards that are modified and suited to work by themselves with the help of an electric motor. Of course, it works however you want it to work and so, you can control it with a remote controller that is usually wireless.

Like with the regular skateboards, the electric ones are steered by the rider by the shifting of the body’s weight. At its beginnings, the electric skateboard was designed for the local transportation, but nowadays it can offer more than this and it can be used for the off-road sports.

This specific type of skateboard is able to go over grass, dirt, small rocks and sand with an easy manner and sometimes you can spot it on the beach.

In whatever mode you decide to use the electric skateboard, it is important to be safe. When you purchase the skateboard, you should also purchase safety gear to make sure that you will not hurt yourself while performing tricks or even while you simply transport yourself when you want to avoid traffic.

You can buy a helmet, pads for your elbows and also for your knees and you are good to go. There are different skateboards on the market and they each have representative features. Down below you will find more information about them small comparisons between the existent features.


You can purchase electric skateboards for different reasons and for each of them exist a product. There are skateboards that you can use for carving and fun, for commuting, for traveling to different places when you want to spare yourself from traffic, for getting around with friends to the skatepark and doing tricks and much more.


There are some electric skateboards that only accept the weight of a child, but there are also skateboards that can endure up to 220lbs or more regarding the weight of the body of people of all ages.


When it comes to the performances of the skateboards, there exist electric skateboards that can take you to different places and there are skateboards that you can ride for pleasure or for having fun.

Parts and support

For some electric skateboards you can get a warranty and for other, you don’t.  Some manufacturers offer support and they also give manuals with instructions. Some electric skateboards need to have replaced the belts and the wheels but at the same time, others don’t need replacing.


The prices of the electric skateboards are higher than the prices for the regular ones.  The skateboards that are made from lithium is more expensive that the ones that are made from lead-acid.

At the same time, the professionally branded parts for skating cost more and have a better quality that those that are made in China. If you find skateboards that have a longer range, it means that it has incorporated a battery that is more expensive than others.

The wattage of the motor

Electric skateboards work on different motor wattages and the higher the wattage is, the more expensive the board it will be. At the same time, the higher the wattage is, the more power it will provide and the faster the board will go.

Regarding the speed, it is also affected by the weight of the person that rides it. The motors that have a better gear ratio and parameter controllers are going to have a bigger effect on the torque that the ones that have a smaller ratio.

One motor or two motors

Some skateboards come with two motors included, while others come with only one. But they both bring benefits. The skateboards with one motor are known to provide a smoother roll, but the ones with two motors offer a more increased grip and a higher performance because two motors are stronger than one.

Hub motors or gear motor system

The difference between the hub motors and the gear or pulley motor system is that the first ones will provide less acceleration when riding. Also, the climbing on different angles is stronger for the gear motor system.

At the same time,  the pulley motor system is supposed to have a higher power regarding the brakes and with this, you will probably feel safer when riding the board.

Thumb remote control or trigger remote control

On the market exist different types of remote controllers that the skateboards come with.  Some of them are activated with the help of your thumb, while other have a system that works with the trigger. It is true that is more comfortable to use the trigger controller, but at the same time with the thumb, you can have more control due to intuition.


The batteries usually work on 800 watts and will provide between 16 and 20 km (that means from 9 to 12 miles). The higher ones will provide a speed that goes from 25 to 40 kilometer per hour. It is true that at the same time, there are other aspects that will affect the speed, but on a normal usage, with the help of the power from the battery, a skateboard will work with the kilometers per hour above mentioned.


All in one, you can find electric skateboards that will fit your needs because out there on the market exist many different models with a lot of interesting features. It is important to do some research on all of the above-mentioned aspects and choose in a manner that you will have all your likings satisfied.

Do not forget that skateboarding involves the need of a safety gear. You should always use safety gear whether you are a beginner or an expert into this domain.

When you are purchasing the skateboard, reserve a part of your budget for buying a helmet and pads for your elbows and your knees because it is dangerous to skate without them. Do not forget to have fun and enjoy the experience that the electrical skateboard has to offer.

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