Kick Scooter

Kick Scooters are some of the best ways for little ones to gain confidence on a rolling toy. They also develop great eye-hand coordination.

While not electric, we all need to start somewhere before jumping on a powered electric scooter.


Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter Review

When they first came out, Razor Scooters were all the rage. It seemed that every kid and teenager wanted one, as they were fun, exciting, and highly practical. Instead of using a full-size bicycle to get around, you could hop onto a scooter and tear down the street in style. These days, Razor no longer […]

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Mongoose Scooter Review

When it comes to bicycles, no brand has quite the same level of street cred as Mongoose. For over thirty years, this company has created some of the best bikes you can buy, making them an industry leader and commanding a significant portion of the market. That being said, the Mongoose Scooter continues this tradition

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