Best Razor Scooters for 2020 – Guide & Reviews

Scooters are a fun way to get around. They’re made for both kids and adults, which makes for an excellent holiday present.

They’re simple to ride, and ideal for those who live in crowded neighborhoods. This guide and review will look at five Razor scooters to help you decide which one would be the best for you or as a holiday present.

Recommended Best Razor Scooters

Here are the five finalists in no particular order, with a short review on each one of them:

Razor Pro XX ScooterRazor Pro XX Scooter

Editor’s Rating:

Razor Pro XX Scooter is capable of handling tough riding. It is even allowed for competition use. It doesn’t require any assembly, and you can start riding it right out of the box.

The scooter has been tested by Team Razor pro-riders to test the efficiency of the scooter. It has the ultimate durability and performance a competitive rider needs for an advantage.

The super-tough aluminum composition is durable enough to handle grinds. It is lightweight, and the rigid down tube keeps the scooter steady. The fixed handlebar design goes where you want, making it easy to ride.

The double stacked head clamp adds strength to the head tube. The pro style rubber grips prevent your hands from slipping off the handlebars. The high-grade urethane wheels allow for extended use on the Razor Pro XX scooter.


  • The scooters ride around smoothly
  • The design is solid and durable
  • The handles are longer than other scooters
  • The deck is wider for easy foot placement
  • The handle grips are soft
  • The wheels are bigger to go over bumps


  • The grips can cause blisters
  • The wheels can get damaged
  • It may be too small for some people
  • The headset may come loose after riding

Check Price On AmazonRazor A2 Kick ScooterRazor A2 Kick Scooter

Editor’s Rating:

Razor A2 Kick Scooter uses a sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum for added strength and durability.

It comes in a variety of colors to suite any lifestyle. The clear and black highlights give the scooter a unique look.

The scooter does fold up for compact storage and carrying. The patented T-tube and deck design helps the scooter fold up into an easy to carry design. It locks in place when it’s in use to prevent injury.

The inline style wheels give the scooter a smooth operation while rolling over concrete. The spring-less shock system prevents feeling every bump along the cement while you’re riding.

The rear fender brake has a patented design that helps you stop quickly. A wheelie bar on the back of the A2 kick scooter allows the rider to perform tricks. It is recommended for ages five and older, and has a six-month warranty.


  • The scooter is sturdy
  • The handling is perfect
  • It’s set low to the ground
  • It is lightweight
  • It can fold up to fit in a backpack
  • The brake system is well-designed


  • The wheels are small
  • Not ideal for gravel or dirt
  • The bolts to hold the handle can come loose
  • It can get stuck in the folded position

Check Price On AmazonRazor Pro Beast Sports Scooter

Razor Pro Beast Sport Scooter

Editor’s Rating:

Razor Pro Beast Sports Scooter is the perfect scooter for kids to get outside and exercise. It’s the perfect height for children five and up. The sturdy material can take years of abuse before the scooter should be replaced.

The T-tube and deck can fold up into a compact and easy to carry design. It can fit inside a backpack, or be held at their side. The scooter isn’t heavy, and only needs one hand to carry it.

The inline style wheels allow them to have a smooth ride over concrete and other surfaces. The urethane wheels are durable enough to last at least a few years before being replaced.

The patented rear fender brake system makes it easy to slow down and stop the razor scooter with some foot pressure. The ABEC bearings in the wheels allow them to turn smoothly while it’s being ridden.


  • It provides a gliding ride
  • The price is good for the scooter
  • It doesn’t make any noise
  • The quality is excellent
  • The scooter is lightweight
  • It is durable


  • The handlebars are fixed
  • Some parts may fall off without notice
  • It may be too small or too big for some kids
  • May need constant maintenance

Check Price On AmazonRazor Sweet Pea A Kick ScooterRazor Sweet Pea A Kick Scooter

Editor’s Rating:

Razor Sweet Pea A Kick Scooter is completely pink, making it one of the best ones for girls.

It is accented with sparkling handlebar streamers that blow in the wind. The pink color stands out in any area.

The T-tube and deck fold up together to make it easy to carry around. It can fit in a bag, or carried at their side. The T-tube locks in place when the scooter is in the riding position to prevent injury.

The inline-style wheels are urethane wheels, giving them more riding life. The ABEC 5 bearings provide a smooth ride over concrete. It prevents the jolts of bumps on the ground.

The rear fender brake is patented, and it allows riders to slow down and stop quickly. Sweet Pea scooter is recommended for girls five and up. The weight limit supports riders up to 143 pounds.


  • Ideal for commuting around the city
  • It has smooth riding ability
  • It folds up tight for easy storage and carrying
  • Built-in brake system makes it easy to stop
  • It’s durable to handle falls
  • Ideal for a gift


  • The handles can come loose
  • The lever is difficult to press down for the handlebars
  • The wheels may get caught on small rocks
  • It may not work for everyone

Check Price On AmazonRazor PowerWing Caster ScooterRazor PowerWing Caster Scooter

Editor’s Rating:

The design of the Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter has a triangle shape. It makes it easy to do tricks on the scooter. The back of the scooter has a pair of caster wheels for added durability.

The caster wheels allow the scooter to move in the direction the rider wants to go. It uses the motions of the rider’s feet to steer, allowing for more tricks and extra fun.

It’s one of the best scooters for doing any type of trick. It can spin out, drift, and perform kick outs easily. There are foam grips that are comfortable to hold onto while riding.

The razor powerwing scooter has a durable steel frame for extended life. The polyurethane front wheel is durable and provides a smooth ride over the concrete. There is a hand brake on the handles for easy slowing and quick stopping.


  • It has a variety of colors
  • The scooter is durable
  • The handlebars are adjustable
  • It can handle a lot of weight
  • It is easy to ride
  • The scooter is easy to assemble


  • The handlebars don’t adjust
  • The design is smaller than other scooters
  • Need to check on the screws periodically
  • There isn’t a variety of colors

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How to Choose the Best Razor Scooter

Here is how you can choose the right scooter for you:

Best Razor Scooter

What Size Do You Need?

Depending on who you’re buying the scooter for, you want to consider the size of the scooter.

While most scooters allow the handlebars to adjust to the rider, it’s not always the case. You want to make sure you get a Razor scooter that can be ridden easily and safely.

How Will You use it?

Finding out how you’re going to use the scooter should factor into your decision. If you’re looking for something that will help you glide to work, you can find a simple scooter.

There are scooters that are available that allow you to try out different tricks for some added fun.

What Color Should You Buy?

Most Razor scooters come in chrome, but there are some parts that have different colors. You can find scooters that are all pink, too. If you look around, you can find the right color that will fit your lifestyle.

How Long Do You Want to use it?

Razor scooters are known for their durability, so you want to consider how long you plan on using it. If you’re getting it for your kid, you may want to consider how much they’ll grow.

While some scooters can adjust for the right height, you want to know how long you can use it.

Final Verdict

Razor scooters are a great way to get around. They glide over pavement smoothly, and they’re finely crafted.

If you’re thinking about getting a Razor scooter, the Razor Pro Beast Sports Scooter is highly recommended. It’s durable and provides a smooth ride. It is the best scooter for everyone.


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