BENCHWHEEL Penny Board Electric Skateboard Review

Are you passionate about skateboarding? Then you probably already heard of electric skateboards and how they work, but for those who didn’t, they are innovative versions of the classical skateboards.

Skateboards that work on electricity have become more and more popular with the arrival of the last couple of years. There exist on the market many skateboards designed in different variants and with different operating methods.

The Benchwheel Penny Board Electric Skateboard is designed to look almost as a regular skateboard and it is portable, a feature that every person who performs stunts or rides a skateboard would need. With this specific skateboard, you can make yourself the best experience regarding skating into your skater group.

This electric skateboard is affordable enough for an item like this and it is not large or heavy at all. This board will pack a punch. It is the best option regarding skateboards for kids and people of all ages who are light in weight.

This specific electric skateboard is very easy to carry around with you to the park, you can also easily store it in your house or fit it into a car’s trunk. Benchwheel provides you a perfect skateboard that will let you have fun and experience adventures with electricity.


  • This skateboard was manufactured with a modern tech and black design, that looks very interesting and catches the eye
  • It has included a box made of metal that is sturdy and will protect the batteries and the electronic parts whenever you are using the board on a hard terrain
  • It has a slim case that gives the board a non-electric look because it is situated low in almost invisible
  • This skateboard is light in weight and durable, too
  • It will give an overall excellent grip and it is at the same time carved on the ends of the board, a very convenient feature for carrying it around in your hands
  • The materials are layered on this skateboard and so it has 7 layers of maple and 2 layers of fiberglass
  • You will benefit from a smooth acceleration and a smooth system regarding the braking
  • The top speed that it can get to by itself is 15.5 MPH and it can climb up to 20-degree angles
  • The four wheels that are included benefit from a PU high performance and when it comes to hardness, they are situated at 78A
  • The charger has a large current output, more exactly 2A, it is compatible with 240V-112V and overall it will take you about 1.5-hour for a quick charging and when it comes to fully charging, you will have to wait about 3 or 4 hours because it works with Lithium-Ion battery, but it has high-performance
  • The motor of the skateboard is an N5065 brushless motor that is considered to be long lasting and it benefits of direct current
  • The motor type is custom made for this specific penny board electric skateboard
  • The motor has a speed of rotation of 270KV and the max output goes to 1800W
  • When it comes to the remote controller, it is in line with the ergonomic principles and it has a capacity of 800MAH that will last you a whole week with only one charge
  • If you want to charge the remote controller, you should know that the charging port goes with mini USB
  • The skateboard itself weighs 10.6 pounds and its dimensions are 5.48 x 9 x 27.7 inches
  • When it comes to the quick start guide, a few simple steps need to be followed: the preparation (you should always wear safety gear such as a helmet, elbows and knees pads), turning the power on/off (you have to press the power button for about two seconds for it to turn on or to turn off), driving, braking and reversing (with the remote controller)


  • The skateboard is light-weight and it is easy to transport
  • The motor of this board is considered to be durable and strong
  • The remote controller is easy to use and will help you with driving, braking and reverse moves
  • Benefits of excellent grip
  • Interesting design that hides the motor and makes the skateboard look like a normal one
  • It has 7 layers of maple and 2 layers of fiberglass
  • The skateboard can catch up to 15.5 MPH and it can climb up to 20-degree
  • The wheels benefit from PU high-performance


  • To get the full charging you have to wait from 3 to 4 hours
  • The electric skateboard is much more expensive than a regular skateboard


This electric skateboard from Benchwheel is designed to make the skating experience amazing and hard to forget. The skateboard is easy portable, so you can take it anywhere with you. It is also really easy to store because of its dimensions. Using this electric skateboard is fun and not complicated at all.

Make sure to always wear safety gear and learn to use the remote controller before adventuring at high speed. It can catch up to 15.5 MPH and it can climb up to 20-degree.

All in one, the elements of the board are hidden in a box and when you look at the board, you will not notice their existence and it will look like a normal skateboard.

Possible alternatives

If you liked this skateboard, you will probably like SwagBoard NG-1 Electric Longboard – UL 2272 from Swagtron. This skateboard will catch up to 11 MPH and will go about 10 miles from one single charge. It is designed to go with SentryShield battery technology and it will get fully charge in 3 hours.


Taking into consideration all of the above mentioned, the pros clearly outcome the cons and all in one this Benchwheel Penny Board Electric Skateboard is a great choice for kids or for people of all ages that are light in weight.

This electric skateboard will give the same experience as a regular one, but it has other bonuses in addition that will make you feel satisfied with the choice that you made.

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