Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are some of the funnest toys for older kids and is a great transportation option for those that work in cities. We see them everywhere in San Francisco, as they are quiet, don't leak oil or gas, and fold up neatly where they fit under cubicles easily.

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Electric Scooter Safety Guide For Beginners [Infographic]
Share This Infographic On Your Site <p><strong>Please include attribution to https://scootersurfer.com/ with this graphic.</strong><br /><br /><a href='https://www.scootersurfer.com/electric-scooter/electric-scooter-safety-guide-for-beginner-infographic/'><img src='https://scootersurfer.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/scootersurfer.jpg' alt='Electric Scooter[...]
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